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Friday, February 4, 2011


Fresh from oven..last nite..@12 midnite..felt like hungry and wanna ate something light. I checked my flour and butter stock @ a kitchen and there's also got a dozen of omega egg..hihi..(head like switch on with something eureka!!!) Last time i baked the staff was 2 yrs back..dulang pembakar pun ntah mana pegi dah..ampun sangat..tak ingat dah mana saya letak. Thought im lucky because muffin ini x perlu dulang. Just filling the paper cup and send it to the oven with 130 degree..and after 25 we go!
Boat muffin..the tray is loss but i found something cute, acuan untuk buat biskut sampan..bantai je lah...suka suki i lah kan...nanti masak sama je rasanya.
Ini shape biasa..purposely put some raisins on top of pastry to make it more cute and yummy. For those who hates raisin..maybe u can try red cherry or chocholate rise.
Yellow and orange papercup. Kalau ada hitam saya nak letak hitam tapi as usual, hilanglah pulak cup warna hitam.
Hehe..mixed session. I love these session..because when the 2's egg blended with flour and butter, the pastry became white and gebu-gebu sangat!
Again...vanila + raisin & a glass of milk = burppp! and after 2 hrs, followed by ZZzzzzz....zzz.z.

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