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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chef Hong @ Cake Boss

Hi..this is Chef Hong @ Cake Boss from Akademi Pastri Malaysia in PJ. I met him last week while he did a demonstration on sugar craft..and he's awesome!! Just imagine beliau siapkan sebiji kek yang 100% made from sugar..huhu..sudah semestinya manis yang amat, tapi saya akui sangat kagum dan kek itu sangat cantik. Amazing!! Nampak tak chef yang sedang pegang kek kecil itu? Its made from sugar totally...and its reflect him kan?
Chef Hong leka menyiapkan kek rekaannya. Firstly, i can't imagine what type of cake he want to create..and moment by moment..i know its a cake..a decoration cake...
Sangat berhati-hati kan...Chef Hong has over 15 years of experience as a pastry chef. He has worked with established 5 star hotels in Malaysia, the Middle East as well as pursued his further education at Ecole Gastronomique, Paris in 2008.
Semuanya daripada gula..boleh bayangkan ball warna purple itu adalah gula. Tiang itu juga adalah gula. Semuanya gula..
Dah siap..memang mengakugumkan..Chef Hong assembled a modern designer cake. He will be teaching The Art of Cake Making and Designing Certificate Program which is suitable for beginners. The course will begin its first intake, this 30 April, 2011, at RM 3,800. Held every Sat & Sun, 9am - 5pm for X6 consecutive weekends @ Akademi Pastri Malaysia.

Chef Guillaume Lejeune, Director of Pastry Studies at the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia and me..hihi...
OK, for those who interested to bake, pls alert!!!

There will be two intakes for the Art of Cake Making and Designing Certificate Program – 30th April 2011 and 2nd July, 2011. Course fee is RM 3,800.

Other programs offered at the Academy include:
* Basic Certificate Program in Pastry and Bakery (3months, full time) (RM 10,600 onwards)
* Weekend Professional Course (12 weeks) (Sat & Sun) (RM5,000)
* Weekly short classes (RM 250 onwards)

For more information, please visit: or call: 7960 3846/ 7960 3848.

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